There is slightly more pre-ringing than with the linear phase filter. I’d beware of power strips and conditioners, however, which, in my experience, are as likely to screw up as enhance the sound. The actual frequency response is, to all intents and purposes, identical to that of the linear phase filter. A major reason for the resurgence of DACs in general, is the proliferation of digital audio sources, especially computers. The Cambridge comes with a choice of three inputs:

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Steep is said to attenuate aliasing at 22kHz by 80dB. Wonderful Times with Wonderful Cambridge audio dacmagic. Not only does it sound great, it locks to incoming signals almost instantly and takes up very little space.

Cambricge number of controls on the front is cambridge audio dacmagic comprehensive, but it doesn’t look cluttered.

Page 1 Specifications Measurements Manufacturer’s Comments. Enjoy what you have. Do turn it and the rest of your hi-fi off when you leave for cambricge weekend or a vacation, and when electrical storms are forecast. It’s probably worth getting a word or three in at this point about the filters, because they do indeed have an important effect on the sound — nothing gross, but the way the sound registers on the ear over the course of a prolonged track varies between them.

So, while other manufacturers force you to choose whether you cambridge audio dacmagic standard digital coaxial or optical or USB connections, Cambridge offers all of them.


Recording of February Recording of Septenber You probably own an older, sturdier CD player that will do jim-dandy as a transport with the DacMagic.

Cambridge Audio DACMagic | TechRadar

IKEA carries some nice, cambrjdge power strips, and there are other accessories for dealing with awkward wall warts. A major reason for the resurgence of DACs in general, is the proliferation of digital audio sources, especially computers.

And you might wish that if Cambridge or someone does offer an optional kick-ass power supply, it doesn’t have to hang from a wall socket. Especially in Linear Phase, I heard well-defined bass, exquisitely extended highs, and a natural midrange. I wonder how many potential users will be scared away by Bramblearia.

One often finds that certain instruments or voices seem slightly favoured, but we could cambridge audio dacmagic no dacmatic effect here and were particularly struck by the way in which multiple voices coexisted without interfering with cambridge audio dacmagic other. Try cambridge audio dacmagic DacMagic uadio a tubed line stage. Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. There’s little cambridge audio dacmagic the optical and coaxial connections in terms of sound quality.

The rear panel of the DacMagic is almost as crowded as my shaving cambridg. Recording of October We were hardly surprised to find it ticked all the boxes on basic tonality and detail: There is slightly more pre-ringing than with the linear phase filter.

What Hi-Fi?

The Cambridge comes with a choice of three inputs: One tends uadio associate rhythm particularly with music for cambridge audio dacmagic or marching but, of course, it’s no less important in a string quartet or cambridge audio dacmagic, just in a different way.


Either way, both offer a full-bodied and detailed presentation, while electronic effects spread to the edges of the soundstage in style.

Legacy Audio Studio HD loudspeaker.

Linear Phase, Minimum Phase, and Steep. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

To the extent that each can be succinctly summarised, the linear phase is clean and audko with a cambridge audio dacmagic well-controlled bass, but can sometimes seem a little clinical by comparison with minimum phase, which seems slightly warmer but perhaps a shade less precise.

USB input limited to 48kHz.

Happily, it seems cambridge audio dacmagic go some distance beyond that and it gives some well-respected DACs at considerably higher prices a pretty good run for their money.

It gives no phase shift at all within the audio band and rolls off very sharply around half the sampling frequency.

Operation of the DacMagic is as intuitive and straightforward as can be.